How to find the right nutrition plan for you

Why choose a personalized plan?

Whether you want the most advanced nutrition and exercise plan to help you achieve your weight and fitness goals or find out if a nutrition deficiency is holding you back in your everyday life - our state-of-the-art testing can take you there.  In fact, a recent study found that people on a dna diet lost up to 76% more weight than those that were not on a dna weight loss diet. The same goes for exercise - choosing the right type of exercise based on your genes can greatly improve your results. The one-size-fits-all nutrition and fitness plans are ineffective and the thing of the past - genetic diets are the future.

Science behind it

Want a cutting edge nutrition and exercise plan?

Looking for that nutritional edge or wanting to improve your peak performance at the gym? Taking our at-home dna test to find out which genetic blueprint you have will help you achieve your goals faster while helping you determine your precise strategy for the best you possible. No more generic nutrition plans telling you to eliminate carbs or workout for hours a day. Based on today's revolutionary technology of genetic analysis, we can unlock your body's potential to be its best! Find your ultimate Weight Loss Diet today with our DNA Diet and Fitness Plan.

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Want to improve how you feel?

Perhaps you've been a little more lethargic lately? Or noticed some extra hair in the drain? Or maybe your skin isn't looking its best? These could all be signs of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Take our Spectracell micronutrient test to find out if any of your symptoms are due to an imbalance in your diet. Stop taking numerous vitamins without knowing if you need them. Take the test to get a customized supplement plan designed exclusively for your body.

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DNA Diet & Fitness Plans Registered Dietitian

"A nutrition plan created just for you!"

YOURishment was founded in 2016 by Monica Pirez Garcia. Monica, a Registered Dietitian, founded the company in an effort to carry out her mission in helping others learn more about their biological make and help discover their perfect Weight Loss Diet. Ultimately, this effort would serve as a catalyst to help people live healthier lifestyles through concentrated genetic nutrition.

YOURishment was created to help YOU find your own way of eating and exercising based exclusively on your DNA and body chemistry. No more generic advice on what people should be eating – Now, we can design the perfect DNA Diet just for you!

“While working as a Structural Engineer for more than 20 years in Miami, I opened a personal training studio with my partner and quickly fell in love with fitness and all things related to nutrition. I decided to follow my passion and went back to college to earn my Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2010. During this time, my sister was diagnosed with cancer (she is now cancer free!). This furthered my interest in nutrition and it's impact on health and disease.”

“After moving to New York City and having my second daughter, I felt extreme fatigue and was having difficulty losing the 40 lbs. gained during my pregnancy. After applying exercise, fixed diets, and other strategies, I found little or no progress. I decided to test my DNA, in addition to my micronutrients and discovered the causes! My Vitamin K deficiency and excessive intake of carbohydrates was prohibiting me from the progress I was otherwise working so hard on obtaining.”

“According to my DNA, I would be better suited choosing more fats over carbs. It was an immediate eye opener as I had been doing the exact opposite, and was clearly contributing to the lousy way I had been looking and feeling.”

“Making these minor changes revolutionized my diet plan, and immediately helped turn things around. I am feeling and looking better then ever”!

“After experiencing the positive impact that these changes have had on my life, I decided to set out and help people discover this same. My inspiration to start YOURishment was to help everyone attain the same testing that ultimately helped me change for good.”



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