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How to find the right nutrition plan for you


what is nutrigenomics?

The field of nutrigenomics, or similarly nutrigenetics, is the study of how nutrition influences the expression of genes. Although the genes we inherited from our parents are important in determining the functions in our bodies, nutrition can have an impact on how certain genes are expressed and can ultimately protect them from damage. When it comes to dieting, this means that only certain individuals will benefit from a specific nutrition plan (i.e. low fat diet), while others will not and some may even have negative results by that type of diet. Discovering your genetic makeup is the only way to know the ideal type of nutrition plan for you!

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How effective is it

So how effective is a customized diet based on your dna? Losing weight successfully and keeping it off for good is greatly improved by choosing a customized diet based on your genes. In fact, in a recent study they found that people on a dna customized nutrition plan lost up to 76% more weight than those that were not on a customized plan. The same goes for exercise - choosing the right type of exercise based on your genes can greatly improve your results. The one-size-fits-all nutrition and fitness plans are ineffective and the thing of the past. Based on today's cutting edge technology of genetic analysis, we can unlock your body's potential to be its best!

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What else can we learn

Research is finding that many genes that control appetite and regulate how much we eat are expressed in the brain. In fact, certain gene types showed a greater decrease in appetite while following a high-protein diet while those without did not. Food preferences are also partly determined by your genes. Simply by knowing your dna, we can customize your nutrition plan to assist you in determining your ideal strategy.

We can also determine the status of your micronutrient stores (i.e. your vitamin and mineral levels). Find out if a deficiency may be holding you back.

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"A nutrition plan created just for you!"

YOURishment was founded in 2016 by Monica Pirez Garcia. I am a Registered Dietitian that enjoys helping others through nutrition.

While working as a Structural Engineer for more than 20 years in Miami, I opened a personal training studio with my partner and quickly fell in love with fitness and all things related to nutrition. I took the leap and went back to college to earn my Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2010. During this time, my sister was diagnosed with cancer (she is now cancer free!). This furthered my interest in nutrition and it's impact on health and disease.

After moving to New York City and having my second daughter, I felt extreme fatigue and was having difficulty losing the 40 lbs I had gained during my pregnancy. I decided to test my dna and my micronutrients and discovered the causes. My Vitamin K deficiency and excessive intake of carbohydrates (according to my dna, I should choose more fats over carbs), was contributing to the lousy way I was looking and feeling. Making minor changes helped turn things around and I am feeling and looking better then ever.

Seeing what an impact these changes had in my life was the inspiration to start my own company that would offer everyone the same testing that helped me discover my own issues. YOURishment was created to help you find your own way of eating and exercising that is based exclusively on your dna and body chemistry. No more generic advice on what people should be eating - now we can design the perfect plan just for you!



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