Quick and Easy Kettle Corn Recipe

Homemade Kettle Corn

Do you ever find yourself in the mood for something sweet and crunchy, possibly in the late afternoon or late at night? Are you torn over what you should choose to eat? Who wants to ruin a great day of eating healthy by diving into something fattening?? Well, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and stay within your healthy eating plan by having some homemade kettle corn. And since you made it yourself, you can control exactly how much oil, salt and sugar you add. What’s more – you can make it in less than 5 minutes.

So here is the recipe that I make using a microwave silicone popcorn popper (available on Amazon) but you could easily make it on the stovetop if you don’t have one.

Homemade Kettle Corn


1/3 cup popcorn kernels

1-2 Tbsp oil (coconut, olive oil, or grapeseed oil)

½ Tsp salt or to taste

2 Tsp sugar (I used superfine white sugar but you can use any kind you have that is dry)

Place the popcorn, oil and salt in the bottom of the maker and stir it all together. Sprinkle the top of the oiled popcorn with the sugar – but don’t stir, let it sit on top (If you stir it in it tends to burn). Microwave on high for 3 -5 minutes depending on your microwave. You’ll want to listen carefully and stop the cooking when you hear pausing in the popping of about 2-3 seconds. Carefully remove – it will be hot! – and pour onto a cookie sheet to let the sugar dry, about 2-3 minutes. Enjoy immediately or store in an airtight container for 1-2 days.

If cooking on the stovetop, add the oil to a large lidded saucepan on medium heat. Add 3 kernels and wait for them to pop. Once they pop add the sugar, salt and the rest of the popcorn and cover with the lid. Keep cooking shaking the pan constantly to avoid burning (be careful if you have a ceramic cooktop not to scratch the bottom when shaking – I’ve done this!). Once popping slows to 2-3 second between pops, take off the heat and pour into baking sheet to cool, as above.

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