Improve IBS Symptoms with a Customized Diet

IBS and Customized Diet

Those of you that have struggled with IBS have probably already heard of the low FODMAP diet – which is said to reduce the symptoms of abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, gassiness and/or diarrhea. Although this diet has gained popularity lately due to its success in helping patients, there is even better news. A recent study by Ather Ali, ND, MPH, MHS at the Yale School of Medicine, showed that following a diet specific to each patient, or a personalized diet, resulted in improvements with the patients’ symptoms while allowing far less restrictions since each patient was instructed to eliminate only the foods that resulted in an immune response (identified by a leukocyte activation test). The researchers concluded that this type of diet could also result in longer term adherence, than following the low FODMAP diet alone, since fewer foods were restricted.

The same can be said for other types of customized diets, like the genetic nutrition and exercise plan, that can help you find the nutrition and exercise plan that is ideal for your body based on your dna. Following a personalized diet has better results and is easier to follow over the long term. Find out more about genetic nutrition and exercise testing here. To read the full article about the IBS study click here.

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