Carb Timing in Meals Helps Diabetics

Balanced meal at a restaurant

In an article recently published by Reuters, titled Saving carbs for last may help ward off blood sugar spike for diabetics, an interesting twist on carb timing was revealed. The article followed a recent study done by the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at Weill Cornell Medicine (New York City) on diabetic patients. The study showed that the diabetic patients that saved their carbs, specifically bread and orange juice, for last had a “significantly lower increase in blood sugar after the meal.” The decrease in blood sugar that they had was similar to that achieved with commonly used diabetic drugs. In the study, the participants in the study either at their carbs before their protein and veggies; together as a sandwich; or after their protein and vegetables. The ones that ate the carbs last had half the post prandial blood sugar of those that ate it first. The same team is now testing the same idea with patients with pre-diabetes. To read the full article, click here.

Although this study was done on diabetics, I feel it still has impact on all of us. The new cases of diabetes continues to increase at alarming rates and making small changes like consuming your carbs last in a meal could make a huge impact on prevention and management of this disease. So next time you go out to dinner, try eating your starches last to see how it feels. Not only will you not feel deprived but you may even end up eating less than when you had it first since you’re full from those fiber rich veggies! Talk about an easy weight loss diet trick.

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